ThemeLounge #73 – Down

Weigh Station

Hi there, and Happy New Year! It’s our first show of 2013, and not to kick off the year on a Down note or anything, but this is the Down show. We’re glad to say it’s not a completely gloomy episode – you’ll hear some cheery uptempo tunes as well as one or two that are admittedly on the melancholy side. But it’s all fantastic, including selections from the Avett Brothers, Boz Scaggs, the Gin Blossoms and more.

So where do we go from the Down show? Well, we glanced at the major economic indicators and decided to go with Turn. “Downturn,” you see. Yes. So now this is the part where you scour your brain for all those sweet Turn songs that we know are just lurking up there. Got a great tune to suggest? Or even a theme to follow Turn? Please get in touch! Send us e-mail to the address shown at right, post a comment here on the blog, or hit the “Call Me” button at right to leave us a message!

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Show #73 and you may have hit perfection here! I really liked each of these tracks (even including the Brak & Space Ghost selection). The vocals for Woodbrain/Joe mcMurrian reminded me a lot of the John Butler Trio. Thank you, Missi, for the Liam Titcomb suggestion. I’ve ordered his disc from my local public library to be able to listen to the whole thing. And thank you, Pat, for the Joe Ely track. I’ve always loved him (and would have loved to see the Ely/Hiatt/Lovettt tour that you mentioned).

Always rewarding to hear that you liked the show, Erik! Isn’t that Liam Titcomb tune a winner? And Liam himself thanked us for a post we put up on his Facebook page – what a guy. But thank YOU for “Down With The Shine” – that’s the song that’s stuck in my head today. It is such a standout. And shame on me – I learned after the fact that I probably mispronounced the boys’ name. It’s actually “a-VETT,” right? Dang. Well, I’ll get it right next time.

It’s A-vett (emphasis on the long A). As I’m sure you’re aware from my facebook posts, they are our (my son and me)favorite touring band right now. We’ve got great seats to see them again in May.

I have a few suggestions, but none seems quite right. So, as always, feel free to throw them all out. Anyway,:

Turn Off the Light, by Nelly Furtado
Turn to Stone, by Joe Walsh
I Can’t Turn You Loose, by Otis Redding

I keep wanting to pick something more contemporary, so:

Turning Up the Radio, By Weezer (Love them!)

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